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17th Airborne Division


Our Price: $14.99


17th Airborne Division Print

This print features the 17th Airborne Division shoulder patch, Glider wings, the distinctive unit insignia (DUI) for the 193d Glider Infantry Regiment, the 194th Glider Infantry Regiment, and the pocket patches for the 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment and the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  The images are super-imposed over invasion stripes that were painted on gliders and C-47s to identify them as Allied aircraft.  Invasion stripes helped Allied gunners identify them as friendly aircraft and, hopefully, would not attempt to shoot them down.

All prints measure 18" x 24" and are printed on 80# heavy stock paper.  They are perfect for framing and show exceptionally well in both readily available and custom frames. Frames and poster covers of this size can be easily obtained at local arts & crafts and custom frame stores.

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